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Klarna App Is Enhanced with Digital Wallet for Quick Access to Loyalty Cards

Klarna, a digital bank, payments, and credit provider, announced the launch of its new Loyalty Card feature in the Klarna App. This allows app users “to store and access their physical loyalty cards as digital versions.” They can then “collect all points and benefits at… Read More

Stocard Joins Fintech Klarna and Gets “Smoooth” with New Brand Identity

Klarna, a global retail bank, payments, and shopping service that helps consumers “save time and money, be informed and in control,” revealed the new “Klarna-fied” brand identity of Stocard, which is one of the leading mobile wallet providers that “enables consumers to gather all of… Read More

Global Fintech Klarna Finalizes PriceRunner Acquisition

Klarna, a global retail bank, payments, and shopping service, has announced the completion of its acquisition of PriceRunner, the comparison shopping service in the Nordic region “with operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom.” PriceRunner will aim to “bring new features to the… Read More

BNPL: Klarna Introduces Browser Extension Enabling Clients to Pay Later Across E-Commerce Sites

Klarna, an international retail bank, payments, and shopping service, has announced the launch of the Klarna browser extension, which had been in “beta testing with over 100,000 consumers.” The extension enables consumers to “shop with Klarna’s flexible payment options on their desktop at every online… Read More

Fintech Klarna Acquires PriceRunner to Enhance Banking Offer for Global Consumers

Klarna, an international retail bank, has entered an agreement to acquire PriceRunner. As mentioned in a release, PriceRunner will aim to bring new features in the form of product reviews, rich product discovery and price comparisons to the Klarna app in order to improve the… Read More

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