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Microco.sm Opens to the Public

Microcosm launched a crowdfunding round on Seedrs in September 2013.  In what may be the fastest equity crowdfunding ever, Microcosm raised £100,000 almost immediately on the day they launched.  It took just 2 hours to fully fund with individuals investing anywhere from £100 up to £12,000…. Read More

Local Stock Exchanges Give Michigan Communities New Opportunity to Prosper

Recent research is clear that in order to have a prosperous economy with high per capita income, we must have thriving places that attract talent. To compete economically, our communities should possess the critical assets that draw and entice people. One of those essential assets… Read More

Microco.sm Offers Shares on Seedrs, Hits Goal Immediately (Updated)

London based Microco.sm is a new platform that hosts discussion forums, bulletin boards and communities.  In November of last year they raised capital on the Seedrs platform.  In a short 15 hours they crowdfunded £50,000 to support their growing business.  Come 2013 and they needed… Read More

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