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Funding Tree Puts Wind in Investors’ Sails; Offers A Chance to Invest in the Round Britain & Ireland Challenge

Investors have been given a chance to profit from the popularity of sailing, after the company behind a new round Britain yacht race that’s open to all listed on the crowdfunding platform, Funding Tree. Circular Sailing, which has already attracted substantial equity investment, is now seeking… Read More

Inspired By Tragedy, Life-Saving Swimming Pool Alarm Launches Thanks to Funding Tree

An entrepreneur who was inspired to develop a foolproof swimming pool alarm for children after a neighbor’s toddler drowned is about to put his vision into production, thanks to the crowdfunding platform Funding Tree. John Barstead was running an electrical engineering business in Johannesburg, South Africa,… Read More

Funding Tree Launches Crowdfunding Platform

UK based investment crowdfunding platform Funding Tree has launched their much anticipated crowdfunding platform.  The hybrid site claims to be the UK’s first fully regulated loan and equity based crowdfunding site. The one stop operation wants to match companies and investors to both loans and… Read More

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