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Report: European Crowdfunding Stakeholders Forum Meets

The European Crowdfunding Stakeholders Forum, created in 2014 comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders in the emergent crowdfunding sector, met last month in Brussels. Unfortunately for those unable to attend these gatherings are not live-streamed (something we compliment the US SEC on doing). There… Read More

European Crowdfunding Stakeholders Forum Lists 40 Members

The European Crowdfunding Stakeholders Forum (ECSF) has finalized their initial members and posted their proposed rules that are expected to be present at the groups first meeting.  The deadline for applications was May 16, 2014 with the announcement being made by the EC this past… Read More

Deadline is Tomorrow for European Crowdfunding Stakeholder Forum Applicants

Announced by the European Commission last month, the deadline for applications for participation in the European Commission informal expert group or “European Crowdfunding Stakeholder Forum (ECSF)” deadlines tomorrow May 16, 2014. As previously reported the Commission is looking to select members for this group on crowdfunding, in… Read More

European Commission Creates Expert Group on Crowdfunding

Coming from the Internal Market and Services Directorate, the European Commission (EC) has announced an open application for participation in an “informal” expert group on crowdfunding.  The new group aligns with the recently released report on crowdfunding as the commission studies the evolution of this… Read More

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