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Indiegogo’s Slava Rubin: “In Crowdfunding, Backers Really Become Part of the Team and They Want to Feel It”

Taking time away from his duties at Indiegogo, co-founder of the site Slava Rubin sat down with Times of Israel to share details about the global crowdfunding platform and the funding method. Back in 2008, Rubin alongside other co-founders Danae Ringelmann, Eric Schell teamed up to launch… Read More

Danae Ringelmann on Creating Indiegogo: “Finance Was Broken and Needed to be Put Back in the Hands of Others”

Offering up a bit of an insight into Indiegogo’s creation, co-founder Danae Ringelmann sat down with Real Business to discuss the creation of the global crowdfunding platform. Danae revealed why she, Slava Rubin and Eric Schell developed Indiegogo: “Finance was broken and needed to be… Read More

Indiegogo’s Slava Rubin: “We Believe Everyone Deserves One Opportunity to See Whether or Not the World or the Crowd Wants to Fund Them”

As more and more companies are turning to crowdfunding for extra funds, Indiegogo’s CEO Slava Rubin is encouraging everyone with a project idea to use the global platform. During a recent interview with MarketWatch, Rubin stated that he, along with the rest of the Indiegogo crew,… Read More

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