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After A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign, Everlane Announces They Are Shipping to Canada

Online clothing retailer Everlane has announced they are now shipping up North to Canada after their successful hybrid crowdfunding campaign.  Everlane had launched a strategic crowdfunding campaign not only to raise funds via a rewards based program, but to also gage interest in expanding their… Read More

Everlane’s Crowdfund Canada Hits $100,000 Goal

Online luxury clothing company Everlane has hit their goal of $100,000 raised via their self crowdfunding campaign launched on their web site earlier this year.  As previously reported, Everlane viewed this not only as a way to raise funds but to also gage support for… Read More

Luxury Clothing Company Everlane Crowdfunding for Canada Expansion

Everlane, a San Francisco based online only luxury clothing design and manufacturing company, has launched a self hosted crowdfunding campaign to expand their reach into Canada.  The campaign has set a goal of $100,000 (USD)  and is well on its way to success having garnered… Read More

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