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German Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel Defends Actions in Wirecard Collapse

The German Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel or Deutsche Prüfstelle für Rechnungslegung (DPR) has issued a statement defending its actions in the ongoing Wirecard (WPI:DE) scandal. It was recently reported that the German government had terminated its contract with the DRP, private entity contracted by the… Read More

Germany Securities Regulator BaFin Calls Wirecard a Disaster – Report

Earlier today, it was reported that Wirecard’s (WDI.DE) missing €1.9 billion may have never existed at all. Last week, the payments Fintech revealed in a statement that during an audit questions emerged regarding the funds with the auditor intimating it was under the belief there… Read More

BAFIN asks: “Was ist Hype und was Bleibt?” – Addressing Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in General

In a speech delivered by the President of BAFIN Felix Hufeld, Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, addressed the topic of blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. According to BAFIN’s President, blockchain is a very promising technology. But when it comes to crypto, well not so… Read More

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