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Challenger FinecoBank Reports that UK Accounts Increased by 50% Since End of 2020

FinecoBank (BI:FBK), a Fintech that offers a single account with banking, trading, and investment services, says new accounts have jumped in recent months. According to a note from the bank current accounts have increased by approximately 50% from the end of 2020 to April 2021…. Read More

FinecoBank Says Current Accounts Increased by 70% During 2020 as it Seeks to Boost Customer Acquisition in the UK

FinecoBank (BI:FBK), a digital bank operating in the UK but based in Italy, says that the number of current accounts jumped by 70% during 2020 while the ratio between active accounts and total current accounts increased by 63% (from 15% in 2019). FinecoBank entered the UK… Read More

Challenger Bank FinecoBank Partners with Robeco to Offer Funds

Challenger bank FinecoBank has expanded its investment offerings once again with a series of funds from Robeco. Account holders will now have access to Robeco’s range of investment products, including a number of products focused in the sustainable sector. FinecoBank says more partnerships are in… Read More

FinecoBank Adds Fidelity International Funds 

FinecoBank has boosted its options regarding investment products by including funds from Fidelity International for UK clients. One of the largest banks in Italy, Fineco launched in the UK in 2017 entering the digital banking fray. During the past months, Fineco has continued to add… Read More

FinecoBank Adds New Investment Options with Funds from Aberdeen Standard Investments

FinecoBank (BI:FBK), an online trading and banking platform,  has added a suite of funds from Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI). The company states that with the new funds from ASI, Fineco clients in the UK now have access to a new set of funds. ASI is… Read More

Milan-based Fintech FinecoBank Expands its Multi-Currency Account to Support 21 Major World Currencies

Italy-based FinecoBank, a Fintech service provider and private banking group, is expanding its exchange service hours for its UK-based users, who now have the option of trading different currencies 21 hours a day, 7 days a week. FinecoBank is also expanding its multi-currency accounts to… Read More

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