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German Crowdfunding Association Criticizes Move to Raise Minimum VC Funding Amounts that Impede Smaller Investor Participation

The German Crowdfunding Association (Bundesverband Crowdfunding) has issued a statement criticizing new funding guidelines for venture capital grants recently enacted by the German Government. Under the INVEST Grant for venture capital in Germany, smaller investors receive a 25% tax benefit following the sale of the… Read More

FunderNation Helps Touchscreen Specialist Faytech AG Raise Over €360,000

Faytech, a supplier of industrial touch screen solutions and a global leader in optical bonding touch panels, has selected Fundernation to help crowdfund its growth capital. Fundernation is the first German investment crowdfunding platform that is founded by a venture capital team. Fundernation’s investment focus is in… Read More

German Real Estate Crowdfunding Market Booms

  The German real estate crowdfunding market is set to more than triple in size this year. Real estate developers, asset managers, and, most recently, real estate agents are joining the fray of real estate crowdfunding platforms, trying to unseat the handful of leaders who… Read More

German Crowdfunding Association Sets Reporting Standards Above & Beyond Legal Requirements

In a move designed to firmly establish the credibility of the investment crowdfunding sector in Germany, the German Crowdfunding Association (Bundesverband Crowdfunding) announced that its 21 member platforms have adopted common, and quite stringent standards for reporting to investors. These definitely raise the bar for crowdfunding standards… Read More

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