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Indiegogo & General Assembly Announces New Flash Funding Challenge

Indiegogo and its partner, General Assembly, announced on Tuesday their latest flash funding challenge. The crowdfunding platform revealed General Assembly gathered three Indiegogo projects whose missions align with their community’s focus on education, cause, and tech, and now the partners are collecting votes on which idea you’d like… Read More

Indiegogo Teams Up With General Assembly, 500 Startups, TechStars, Startups.co & Rent the Runway to Present “Startup Fundraising 101”

On Friday, Indiegogo announced it has teamed up with General Assembly, 500 Startups, TechStars, Startups.co, and Rent the Runway to present Startup Fundraising 101, a guide that reveals the pros and cons of finding funding. The guide will also walk readers through crowdfunding, bootstrapping, and even… Read More

Kentucky’s Steve Riggs Proposes New State Crowdfunding Platform

On Tuesday (January 6th), Kentucky General Assemble will hold a session to discuss a bill that will use a new state-run crowdfunding platform. According to The Lane Report, Steve Riggs, D-Louisville, has prefiled legislation to create crowdfunding investment opportunities in the state for residents seeking… Read More

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