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BIGG Digital Assets Subsidiary Netcoins Reveals Further US Launch Plans

BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (CSE: BIGG), owner of Netcoins, the online cryptocurrency brokerage that makes it easy for North Americans to buy, sell, and understand cryptocurrency, and Blockchain Intelligence Group, a developer of blockchain technology search, risk-scoring and data analytics solutions, is pleased “to report… Read More

Backed by the State of Kentucky, Braidy Industries Raises $2.5 Million in Side by Side Reg CF – Reg D Offering for Aluminum Company

This is an interesting investment offering. Braidy Industries, based in Kentucky, has closed a side-by-side Reg CF-Reg D offering listed on NetCapital. Reg CF is a private securities exemption that allows issuers to raise money from anyone – up to $1.07 million. Under Reg D,… Read More

Brief: Duke Energy Teams up With DonorsChoose For STEM Classroom Crowdfunding Challenge

On Tuesday, Duke Energy announced it has teamed up with DonorsChoose for a new classroom crowdfunding challenge. The company is set to match up to $200,000 to help Ohio and Kentucky teachers bring STEM projects (science, technology, engineering, and math) to the classrooms. Sharing details about… Read More

God Loves Gays National Billboard Campaign Project Seeks $20,000 on YouCaring to Bring Billboards to 20 States

In an effort to end hate crimes and violence against the LGBTQ community, the “God Loves Gays National Billboard Campaign” project has been launched on YouCaring to raise $20,000 to post billboards in 20 states. Last year, the creator of the God Twitter and Facebook page… Read More

Kentucky’s Steve Riggs Proposes New State Crowdfunding Platform

On Tuesday (January 6th), Kentucky General Assemble will hold a session to discuss a bill that will use a new state-run crowdfunding platform. According to The Lane Report, Steve Riggs, D-Louisville, has prefiled legislation to create crowdfunding investment opportunities in the state for residents seeking… Read More

STATE OF THE STATES: An Update On Intrastate Crowdfunding

While the industry waits for Title III crowdfunding rules to be released, the intrastate crowdfunding movement continues to move forward (as a whole). Here is a brief update as to the status of the enactment/use of intrastate crowdfunding exemptions in certain states. TEXAS – Unlucky… Read More

Kentucky Announces New Crowdfunding Bill

The Commonwealth of Kentucky Jumps from 49th to 4th in Entrepreneur Ranking According to State Entrepreneurship Index (SEI). Kentucky representative, Steve Riggs, announced on Monday (August 25th) that he is filing new crowdfunding legislation to bring the funding option to his growing, entrepreneurial state.  The… Read More

Louisville entrepreneurs look to online crowdfunding to back their startups

Using the website Kickstarter, Louisville residents have raised thousands of dollars to create a locally designed deck of playing cards, a new studio and dance theater and a smartphone app listing the menus and hours of the city’s independent restaurants. Local entrepreneurs say these projects… Read More

Serial entrepreneur Kent Oyler focused on crowdfunding

Louisville entrepreneur Kent Oyler says his OPM Services Inc. plans to become an expert in the process of crowdfunding, a new way of raising money for businesses that he thinks has the potential to help many entrepreneurs realize their dreams. As it is now, start-up… Read More

Crowdfunding investments could be risky, state regulators say

Department of Financial Institutions warns of potential scams FRANKFORT, Ky. (Nov. 8, 2012) – Would you like to help a local business or start-up entrepreneur gain its first foothold in the community? What if after you invested, that business never produced its promised goods or… Read More

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