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Indiegogo Funded STEMosaur Scores $125,000 in Flash Funding From Arrow

On Wednesday, Indiegogo announced STEMosaur, a smart toy and learning tool for young entrepreneurs, coders, and engineers, is the latest crowdfunding project to receive flash funding from Arrow as part of the Arrow Certification Program. The project secured $125,000 in the flash funding. According to Indiegogo,… Read More

Sleep Tracking Startup EverSleep Secures $50,000 in Flash Funding From Indiegogo Partner Arrow

Global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo announced on Thursday one of its funded projects, Eversleep, secured $50,000 in flash funding through its partner, Arrow. The project raised $140,133 from 630 backers early this summer EverSleep is described as a complete all-in-one device, paired with an app, that tracks… Read More

Cinder Precision Grill Captures $75,000 in Flash Funding From Indiegogo Partner Arrow

On Tuesday, global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo announced its partner, Arrow, awarded Cinder Precision Grill $75,000 in flash funding. According to the funding portal, the Cinder uses edge-to-edge precision cooking technology to keep food within one degree of its ideal temperature for up to two hours. The… Read More

Indiegogo Success: Elliegrid’s Smart Pillbox Awarded $75,000 in Flash Funding From Arrow

Indiegogo announced on Wednesday, EllieGrid, the creator of Smart Pillbox, received $75,000 in flash funding from the crowdfunding platform’s partner, Arrow. The funding portal stated that EllieGrid would get access to design tools, a 10% parts discount, and expert one-on-one support from Arrow’s engineering team… Read More

Indiegogo & Arrow Announce New $75,000 Flash Funding Round

On Tuesday, global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo announced its partner Arrow launched a flash funding round. This new round will offer up $75,000 to a campaigner that has signed up for its Arrow Certification Program and gets certified. The Indiegogo team shared details about the flash… Read More

Indiegogo & General Assembly Announces New Flash Funding Challenge

Indiegogo and its partner, General Assembly, announced on Tuesday their latest flash funding challenge. The crowdfunding platform revealed General Assembly gathered three Indiegogo projects whose missions align with their community’s focus on education, cause, and tech, and now the partners are collecting votes on which idea you’d like… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo & Arrow Awards PlayDate With $100,000 in Flash Funding (Video)

On Thursday, Indiegogo and Arrow Electronics announced they gave interactive pet camera and toy company, PlayDate, $100,000 in flash funding. The duo revealed: “We are excited to announce the final winner of Arrow flash funding this month: the team behind PlayDate, an interactive pet camera and… Read More

Indiegogo & Arrow Announces $75,000 Flash Funding Recipient: Andy Karuza & the FenSens Team

On Monday, Indiegogo and Arrow Electronics announced the final flash funding recipient for the month of October. The duo revealed Andy Karuza and the FenSen team were selected to receive $75,000 in the funding prize.  The companies explained the FenSens team is hoping to transform… Read More

Arrow & Indiegogo Announces New $50,000 Flash Funding Winners

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On Wednesday, Indiegogo and its partner, Arrow Electronics, announced that Kurt Swanson, Don Pancoe and the whole team at Noria Technologies have won $50,000 in flash funds. The companies declared earlier this month they were giving $25,000 to three entrepreneurs throughout the month of October, with Brad Holland… Read More

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