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New Media Pioneer / Entrepreneur Jan Henric Buettner Reflects on Career, Shares Poignant Advice & Considers Favorite Weissenhaus Spot

Weisenhaus over 6.5 million crowdfunding

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Look for Team, Team, Team. Stay away from too early stages where there is nothing you can really base you judgment on. Get a bad cop integrated in your investment decision making who will stop you when… Read More

German Crowdinvesting Threatened by Retail Investor Protection Law Draft

Top four German Crowdfunding platforms

The German crowdfunding platform Companisto reported that due to current events, the German government has prepared a draft of a retail investor protection law released this week. The platform is in the process of auditing and preparing, in cooperation with the German Crowdfunding Network (GCN),… Read More

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