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UK based Neobank Hammock, built for Landlords or Rent Collectors, Secures £1 Million in Seed Funding

Hammock, a neobank that has been introduced specifically for landlords, has acquired £1 million through a seed funding round from Ascension Ventures and Fuel Ventures. The capital raised by Hammock should help the bank with its upcoming launch of its current accounts – which should… Read More

Hot Tub + Hammock = Crowdfunding Success: Hydro Hammock Campaign Overfunding on Kickstarter

  With summer in full swing, a hammock and a slight breeze can instantly improve the evening, whether you’re on vacation or just looking forward to one–sometime. A new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Hydro Hammock, combines the hot weather comfort of a hammock with the cool weather luxury… Read More

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