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Digital Asset Trading Network Apifiny Integrates with Fireblocks

Apifiny, the global cross-exchange digital asset trading network, announced its integration with the Fireblocks network, a digital asset transfer network for institutions. This integration now enables Apifiny users to “have access to a simple and secure solution for settlements, by connecting with the Fireblocks Network.”… Read More

Digital Asset Trading Network Apifiny Releases Apifiny Algo V1.1 with Quant Library

Apifiny, the global cross-exchange digital asset trading network, recently announced the release of Apifiny Algo V1.1, an advanced crypto trading library in C++ “for High-Frequency Trading (HFT) and latency-sensitive traders.” This solution fully “supports futures trading, paper trading through Binance testnet, and has added Coinbase… Read More

Digital Asset Trading Network Apifiny Announces Early Access Program for HEX, a Hybrid Crypto-Asset Exchange

Apifiny, a global digital asset trading network, has unveiled its VIP Early Access Program for Apifiny HEX, a “new class of hybrid digital asset exchange” that’s designed to combine the “best advantages” of centralized and decentralized trading into one, more powerful global trading platform. Eligible… Read More

Digital Asset Marketplace Apifiny Hires Execs from Google, Kraken & More, Plans Global Trading Service

Digital asset marketplace Apifiny, a platform that seeks to enable institutional trading across multiple regulated exchanges, has announced that it will be launching GlobalX, an API platform. By using this new service, professional traders are said to be able to easily execute their strategies across… Read More

Former Nasdaq Co-Chairman David Weild Introduces “Amazon of Crypto” to Unify the Global Exchange Market

San Francisco-based Apifiny, a global trading network that connects digital asset exchanges throughout the world, announced on December 18 the launch of its new product,  GBBOTM (Global Best Bid and Offer) across its “always-on, unified global market.” According to a press release shared with Crowdfund… Read More

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