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Mike Cagney’s Figure Technologies Completes $20 Million STO on Provenance Blockchain with Help of Dechert

This past May, Figure Technologies, closed on $1 billion in asset-based financing custodied on the Provenance Blockchain, Inc. (PBI) – a ledger technology Figure built in house. Figure Technologies is SoFi founder Mike Cagney’s latest Fintech venture. Provenance is a protocol created to originate, finance,… Read More

Crypto-Currency Cleverhash Partners With Open-Silicon To Create Special Offers & Benefits for the Crypto-Community

Exciting developments are abound at Cleverhash Technologies, which has been dubbed as the “mining company for the people” – with a dynamic new partnership and a wealth of special offers and new products for avid miners to enjoy. After making history last month with the… Read More

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