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Singaporean Government Driving QR Code Payment Methods

QR codes are helping Singapore continue on its road to a cashless society, data and analytics company GlobalData believes. Blessed with a strong payments infrastructure system, Singapore has both POS and QR code payment capability, and the latter is becoming a more trusted and preferred… Read More

Sunglass Company Crowdfunded on Kickstarter Just Raised $56 Million

In 2015 a small Spanish company named Hawkers was looking to enter the North American market for sunglasses.  They decided to utilize Kickstarter to help cross the Atlantic and expand their brand. Jump forward to today and this company has just raised $56 million to… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: The Coolest Sunglasses, PUGZ Wireless Earbuds & FABTotum Returns with Updated Desktop Factory

Hawkers, based in Madrid, wants to “disrupt” the sunglass market.  Thinking Warby Parker? So am I. But once you dig in a bit, and then you look at their price, you may come to the conclusion they are on to something a bit different. Most… Read More

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