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Overfunding: Healthy Snack Brand Emily Crisps Surpasses 1 Million Funding Target on Seedrs

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Just days after launching its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, UK-based healthy snack brand Emily Crisps has successfully secured its initial £1 million funding target from nearly 240 investors. As previously reported, Emily Crisps was founded in 2013 by Emily Wong and Ale Ascani with a mission to change… Read More

Veggie Chip Brand Emily Crisps Quickly Nears £1 Million Funding Target on Seedrs

Emily Crisps 2

UK-based healthy snack brand Emily Crisps is now seeking £1 million through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. Founded in 2013 by Emily Wong and Ale Ascani, Emily Crisps’ main goal is to change the way people eat for the better, and more importantly, the tastier…. Read More

Health Food Brand Aduna Completes Seedrs Round With More Than £470,000 in Funding

Aduna, a London-based African-inspired food brand, has completed its equity crowdfunding round on Seedrs more than  £470,000 in funding. The initiative was launched in late February, originally seeking £325,000. Founded in 2012 by Nick Salter and Andrew Hunt, Aduna now offers a range of African superfood powders and… Read More

Seedrs Success Oppo Ice Cream Teams Up With Sugarwise to Launch #DontTaxHealth Petition on Change.Org

Seedrs alum Oppo Ice Cream, along with Sugarwise, has launched the #DontTaxHealth petition on Change.Org to stop the rising costs of healthy foods. Oppo’s ice cream is made with fresh milk, virgin coconut oil and stevia leaf, and has fewer calories than an apple. It… Read More

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