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Neo Financial, a Rare Central Canadian Fintech Success Story, Receives $1.6M for Training

Neo Financial, a Canadian fintech based in Winnipeg, Man., has made great strides since its founding in the fall of 2019. This week Neo Financial received $1.6 million from the Province of Manitoba’s Industry Expansion Program to train 300 new and 32 existing employees in… Read More

Watch: Knix Wear Shares Indiegogo Success Story

Knix Wear and founder Joanna Griffiths raised over $60,000 on Indiegogo after seeking a goal of just $40,000. Indiegogo recently collaborated with Griffiths on a video detailing the company’s story and how rewards-based crowdfunding helped Griffiths grow the brand and push Knix Wear’s product into Hudson’s… Read More

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