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Interdimensional Games’ “Consortium: The Tower” Completes Fig Initiative; Announces 2018 Game Launch

Success! Interdimensional Games’ Consortium: The Tower video game will soon be a reality, thanks to over 3000 Fig backers. The game first hit the crowdfunding platform and quickly secured its initial $300,000 goal. Now, 30 days later, it has achieved nearly $350,000.  CONSORTIUM: The Tower, the second in… Read More

Interdimensional Games Launches Fig Initiative to Raise $300,000 For “CONSORTIUM: The Tower”

On Wednesday, gaming studio Interdimensional Games launched a crowdfunding campaign on Fig to secure $300,000 for CONSORTIUM: The Tower. The game is considered a follow-up to the 2014’s CONSORTIUM.  CONSORTIUM: The Tower is described as  a single-player, first-person sci-fi simulation built upon the Unreal 4 Engine. Its story… Read More

Interdimensional Games Announces Plans to Launch Fig Campaign For New Game “CONSORTIUM: The Tower”

Interdimensional Games, the studio behind the 2014 video game, CONSORTIUM, has announced plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Fig to raise $300,000 for its new project, CONSORTIUM: The Tower.  Gregory MacMartin, CEO of Interdimensional Games, recently discussed details with the crowdfunding platform about the new game: “We… Read More

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