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Taaleritehdas invests in Invesdor

Taaleritehdas invests in crowdfunding service Taaleritehdas has invested in first and leading open equity-based crowdfunding service in Northern Europe. Invesdor offers a service through which growth companies can sell new unlisted shares to the public. Equity-based crowdfunding is a growing method of raising financing for… Read More

Should We Celebrate Equity Crowdfunding At The First Investment Or First Exit?

Right now we’re reading about how the J.O.B.S. act is going to change crowdfunding in the United States, but I think it’s worth pointing out we actually have a head start on equity crowdfunding in Northern Europe. The countries in the ArcticStartup region have their… Read More

(VIDEO) Jonathan Sandlund Interview with Invesdor CEO, Lasse Makelah

Jonathan Sandlund sits down with Lasse Makelah, CEO of Invesdor, to discuss the equity crowdfunding platform. You can find stats from the talk on The Crowd Cafe.

Crowdfunding Campaigns For Your 2013 New Year’s Resolution

As I shake off the foggy end to 2012, it is the time of year when resolutions come to mind.  The more I sit in front of the computer screen, the greater I fear that I will begin to resemble a developer (no offense to… Read More

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