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Watch: Jonathan Sandlund Interviews Anaxago CEO Joachim Dupont

In this video interview, The Crowd Cafe’s Jonathan Sandlund interviews Joachim Dupont, CEO and Founder of Anaxago. It’s a relatively deep dive into how Anaxago operates, including a look at where the platform sources dealflow and how they curate. Anaxago also divulges that the platform… Read More

Title II & Title III Take Center Stage as Experts Discuss Equity Crowdfunding at Crowdfund Global Expo

Imagine attending a dinner party a year from now where a dozen people are all talking about what businesses they’ve invested in. That’s a scene some predict for the near future, as equity crowdfunding moves into the spotlight in 2014. “I would like to see… Read More

How Crowdfunding can Reignite Alumni Engagement

Imagine. Empowering each and every one of Ohio State University’s 63,000+ students—regardless degree, age, or background—to start, and fund, a business. Visiting its University’s crowdfunding ecosystem, ignite.osu.edu, students would find a centralized source of information, mentorship, and even a clear path to funding their ideas and… Read More

VIDEO: Talking Real Estate Crowdfunding with RealtyMogul

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jilliene Helman, the CEO of RealtyMogul. RealtyMogul is an accredited crowdfunding platform for real estate, and we discussed how crowdfunding is going to re-imagine this asset class in a big and beautiful way. I highly encourage watching the… Read More

The Dawn of Accredited Crowdfunding is Upon Us

In the last month a number of new accredited crowdfunding platforms have come online. They join FundersClub, CircleUp, and Angellist in facilitating private equity transactions entirely online. Here’s a list of crowdfunding platforms that have recently opened their accredited doors: 99Funding (Startups/Existing SMBs) Collaperty (Real Estate) EarlyShares (Startups/Existing SMBs) RealtyMogul (Real… Read More

Exploring FundersClub. The New Age of VC?

What is FundersClub? FundersClub is an accredited crowdfunding platform live today. The company avoids the term “crowdfunding,” preferring the verbiage, “online venture capital firm.” Or, the new age of VC per say. But hey, let’s not argue semantics. In a nutshell: it’s an online funding… Read More

A Framework for Due Diligence in Crowdfunding Marketplaces

Monday’s article highlighted EquityNet, an accredited crowdfunding platform with technology positioned to make the due diligence process more efficient for investors. Raising a big question: what exactly is the role of due diligence in investment crowdfunding? What are the mechanisms? Who’s doing the diligence: the Crowd… Read More

VIDEO – Data Driven Crowdfunding: A Look into EquityNet

EquityNet is an online network that connects capital-seeking businesses with accredited investors. The platform’s calling card is its data-driven approach to supporting investors and businesses in the matchmaking process. It does so by delivering standardized, and contextual, analytics and tools to both sides of the… Read More

The Average Size of Investments in Equity Crowdfunding Offerings

Investment-based crowdfunding is fundamentally different from perk-based crowdfunding. In 2011, the average successful perk campaign raised ~$4,000, while the average investment-based campaign brought in ~$112,000 (Source: GigaOm Pro). It makes sense. Outside of product categories —where pledges are effectively a pre-ordering mechanism— backers typically limit… Read More

(VIDEO) Jonathan Sandlund Interview with Invesdor CEO, Lasse Makelah

Jonathan Sandlund sits down with Lasse Makelah, CEO of Invesdor, to discuss the equity crowdfunding platform. You can find stats from the talk on The Crowd Cafe.

SecondMarket: The Face of Equity Crowdfunding?

SecondMarket announced a strategic partnership with CircleUp last week. This on the tail of a similar partnership with Angellist in the Fall. Both partnerships, currently in beta, fall under the umbrella of SecondMarket+, an initiative that is selectively partnering with leading platforms to give SecondMarket investors centralized access to… Read More

Jonathan Sandlund Interviews Gust CEO David Rose

From The Crowd Cafe’s Jonathan Sandlund… I had the opportunity to sit down with David Rose. Penned by Forbes as the “Father of Angel Investing in New York,” David is a serial entrepreneur and mentor, Chair of the New York Angels, and the CEO of… Read More

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