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James Watt of BrewDog Shares Equity Crowdfunding Saga with Max Keiser (Video)

BrewDog co-founder James Watt visited the studios of Max Keiser this week to share his equity crowdfunding odyssey which has been labeled EquityforPunks.  James starts off back in 2009 when the young brewery was looking for capital for their business yet there was none to… Read More

BrewDog Announces Plans to Acquire Land in Ohio For First Brewery Outside Scotland

In an effort to expand globally, independent brewery BrewDog, announced it has plans to acquire land in Columbus, Ohio for a first brewery outside of Scotland. Reportedly, BrewDog stated that Columbus is one of two cities it was looking at for in its U.S. operation search. It was also revealed that the brewery… Read More

Investing in BrewDog Equity Crowdfunding Round: Good Deal or Not?

There is a lot of discussion going on the merits of participating in BrewDog’s most recent Equity for Punks crowdfunding round.  The 4th go at raising capital from the crowd, this one is the most ambitious to date seeking a raise of £25 million from… Read More

BrewDog Crowdfunds £5 Million in 20 Days. Drops “Fat Cat Bankers” from Helicopters Over the City (Video)

Iconoclastic brewery, and financial innovators, BrewDog easily raised £5 million in just 20 days making the point that equity crowdfunding is an effective path to raise capital. The established independent brewery, based in Scotland, is looking to raise £25 million in total as part of its… Read More

BrewDog Admits Equity For Punks Pitch Isn’t Considered A UKLA Approved Investment

Last week, independent brewery BrewDog announced it is seeking to raise capital with equity crowdfunding once again but this time they are going big. The company’s Equity for Punks pitch launched to raise £25 million, which will be the largest equity crowdfunding round in the UK to date. This is the 4th time… Read More

BrewDog Founder James Watt: We Want to Introduce a New Approach to Small Business Finance (Video)

BrewDog, the largest independent brewery in the UK today, last week announced a new equity crowdfunding offer that if fully funded will become the UK record holder for a direct issuer. BrewDog wants to raise £25 million via crowdfunding – something that is indicative of… Read More

BrewDog Brewery To Offer Shares Direct to The Public in Crowdfunded Offering

“Equity for Punks” Targets £4 Million in Equity. In 2007 BrewDog, located in Aberdeenshire in the United Kingdom, had two employees – not counting the dog.  The two founders, James Watt and Martin Dickie (and sole shareholders) were dedicated beer aficionados who were tired of… Read More

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