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Red or Black: BrewDog EquityforPunks USA Offers Investors Chance to Double their Stake or Lose it All at the Roulette Table

BrewDog is adding a new twist to its EquityforPunks USA crowdfunding round, and it is a bit of a gamble. The Scotland-based craft brewer will allow investors the opportunity to bet it all on the spin of a roulette wheel. Win, and you double your… Read More

Love BrewDog Beer? If You Can Get 500 People to Invest in their Crowdfunding Offer They Will Open a BrewPub in Your Town

This is a perfect opportunity for college towns across America. If you can get 500 people to invest in the equity crowdfunding offer for BrewDog USA, they will open a BrewPub in your town. That’s not a bad deal. The investor minimum is just $95… Read More

Hello Columbus! BrewDog Plans Epic #PunkAGM Shareholder Party

BrewDog, “the fastest-growing food and drinks producer in Britain, and the fastest-growing bar and restaurant operator”, has cruised across the Atlantic to set up operations in the Heartland of the America.  The Columbus brewery is nearing completion and  management believes it is a good time… Read More

Q&A: BrewDog Founder James Watt on EquityforPunks USA Crowdfunding Offer

BrewDog, the largest independent brewery in Europe, is crossing the Atlantic and setting up operations in the United States. The founders, James Watt and Martin Dickie, selected the mid-western city of Columbus as their base and the company is in the process of building a… Read More

James Watt of BrewDog Shares Equity Crowdfunding Saga with Max Keiser (Video)

BrewDog co-founder James Watt visited the studios of Max Keiser this week to share his equity crowdfunding odyssey which has been labeled EquityforPunks.  James starts off back in 2009 when the young brewery was looking for capital for their business yet there was none to… Read More

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