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Russian Crypto Association Cooperating with Iran to Create “SWIFT Counterpart”

In early November, SWIFT, the Belgium-based company that operates the global payments network of the same name, announced that “certain Iranian banks” would be cut off from using the service: “In keeping with our mission of supporting the resilience and integrity of the global financial… Read More

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert Espouse the Global Urgency of Bitcoin

Soft spoken computer scientist Adam Back, one of the most important figures in the technical history of Bitcoin, had a hard act to follow after Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert burned down the stage presenting their gleeful and anarchic brand of Bitcoin-boosting. “The era of… Read More

James Watt of BrewDog Shares Equity Crowdfunding Saga with Max Keiser (Video)

BrewDog co-founder James Watt visited the studios of Max Keiser this week to share his equity crowdfunding odyssey which has been labeled EquityforPunks.  James starts off back in 2009 when the young brewery was looking for capital for their business yet there was none to… Read More

Bitcoin Capital Crowdfunds $1M+ on BnkToTHeFuture.com, Max Keiser & Simon Dixon to Manage New Fund

“There is so much happening with peer to peer, crowd funding, bitcoin and block chain technology that it is taking the investment community and financial sector by surprise. We know the sector inside-out and provide a very easy way for investors to get started and… Read More

Comedian & Political Activist Russell Brand Announces His Support For Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Ready to join the newly defined “Crypto Revolution,” comedian and political activist Russell Brand recently declared his support for the cryptocurrency, bitcoin. According to Newsbtc, Brand, who has joined forced with StartJOIN so that he may attract more attention to crowdfunding and digital literacy programs, stated:… Read More

Max Keiser Interviews Simon Dixon, Co-Founder of BankToTheFuture

In a broad discussion, Max Keiser, of the Keiser Report, interviews Simon Dixon who is the co-founder and CEO of equity based crowdfunding platform BankToTheFuture.  The platform recently announced they were crowdfunding themselves to become a registered investment bank in the United Kingdom. A portion… Read More

Max Keiser Advocates BankToTheFuture Move to Become Investment Bank

In a brief promotional video taken at the BankToTheFuture party which was organized in conjunction with the crowdfunding platforms announcement they were going to become an investment bank, Max Keiser tells the world that investment banks should watch out.  Keiser lauds the fact that Simon… Read More

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