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XTI Aircraft Company Mourns the Loss of Vice Chairman Jeff Pino

On Monday, XTI Aircraft Company (XTI) representatives announced the loss of the company’s Vice Chairman Jeff Pino, who died in a plane crash on February 5th near Phoenix, Arizona. XTI founder and chairman David Brody shared: “There are no words to express the grief and sadness we… Read More

Brief: XTI Aircraft Surpasses $10M During Aviation’s First Equity Crowdfunding Initiative

  Equity crowdfunders from around the world have reserved shares for more than $10 million to support development of XTI Aircraft’s TriFan 600 through crowdfunding platform, StartEngine. The TriFan 600 will be the world’s first commercially certified vertical takeoff airplane. It will have the speed, range and… Read More

TriFan 600 Takes Off as Crowdfunding Initiative Soars to $4 Million

In just two weeks, equity crowdfunders have reserved shares for more than $4 million through a StartEngine campaign to support development of an airplane with the speed, range, and comfort of a business jet and the ability to take off and land like a helicopter. XTI Aircraft… Read More

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