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TriFan 600 Takes Off as Crowdfunding Initiative Soars to $4 Million

In just two weeks, equity crowdfunders have reserved shares for more than $4 million through a StartEngine campaign to support development of an airplane with the speed, range, and comfort of a business jet and the ability to take off and land like a helicopter. XTI Aircraft… Read More

EvoLux, Uber for Helicopters, is Crowdfunding on RockThePost

Seeking a Minimum $750,000 in Equity Crowdfunding. EvoLux Transportation, a vertical lift tech travel company, recently launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on RockThePost, quickly raising $250,000 of its $750,000 to $2 million goal to fund its helicopter charter services, establish a more prominent position in… Read More

WATCH: This Amazing Electric Helicopter Raised 1.2M Euros On Seedmatch

A German company called e-volo has successfully raised €1,2 million in a crowdfunding offering on Seedmatch.de for a crazy 18-propeller electric helicopter. Called the “Volocopter,” the e-volo team thinks this new approach to manned aerial flight can revolutionize the way we live and travel. The Volocopter… Read More

Kickstarter Campaign Helps Engineers Win $250K Sikorsky Prize

479 backers can and should be proud. They had a major hand in achieving a goal that stood unmet for 30 years. That goal is called the Sikorsky Prize, and it is centered around a seemingly simply goal: make a human-powered helicopter fly for 60… Read More

Brain-Controlled Helicopter Takes Mental Concentration To New Heights

A toy helicopter controlled by nothing but brainwaves could be available to the public just in time to hover under this year’s Christmas tree. Currently touted on crowd-funding website Kickstarter — where it has already exceeded its pledge goal twice over — the Orbit comes… Read More

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