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Storm Sondors Files Two Reg A+ Offers: One for Electric Cars, One for Electric Bikes

Storm Sondors, the founder of the Sondors eBike company that has ridden to success on rewards based funding platforms, has filed to Form 1-As with the SEC.  Each filing represents a different crowdfunding offer. The first offer, which was initially messaged during Sondor’s Electric Car… Read More

Is Momentum Increasing for Crowdfunding Under Reg CF?

Recently the total amount of Reg CF (or Regulation Crowdfunding) issuers successfully funded topped $40 million. According to the data dashboard on NextGen Crowdfunding, total amount of investor commitments has now topped $46 million. The rule created by the JOBS Act that allows companies to… Read More

Lice Clinics of America Launches Reg CF Campaign on StartEngine

Lice Clinics of America,  a large lice treatment products, and services company, announced the launch of its Title III Regulation Crowdfunding Campaign (Reg CF) on StartEngine.  The funding round will allow accredited and non-accredited investors to purchase equity in the company. Lice Clinics of America… Read More

XY Findables Hopes Addition of GPS Tracker will Boost Reg A+ Crowdfunding Offer

Earlier this year, XY Findables decided to end their Reg A+ crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine and go it alone with the offering being hosted on their own website. On StartEngine, XY was seeking $10 million in capital to fuel the company’s growth plans in the… Read More

Reg A+: Social Bluebook Invites Users to Become Shareholders with Crowdfunding Offer

The world of advertising and promotion is changing. Back in the day your purchased the space in print or a commercial on broadcast and that was it. The advent of digital media threw all of the old rules out and a new era of advertising… Read More

Dubuc Motors Says Tomahawk Electric Car Goes Into Production in 2018

Dubuc Motors said it would be starting production of its Tomahawk electric car in 2018. Dubuc said the Tomahawk “will be produced in the thousands of units appropriately intended for a niche market within the luxury segment.” Dubuc intends to unveil the production model at… Read More

InGen Dynamics, Creator of Aido Home Robot, Releases Statement on Successful Equity Crowdfunding Round

InGen Dynamics Inc, creator of the Aido home robot, released a statement today saying that it has successfully closed their “online mini IPO” on the 15th of April of this year. InGen raised funding using Reg CF or Regulation Crowdfunding as created by the JOBS… Read More

Sondors Electric Car Lists Reg D Offer to Raise $20 Million on StartEngine

Sondors Electric Car Company has listed another crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine – this time targeting accredited investors under Reg D 506c (Title II of the JOBS Act). Previously, Sondors raised $1 million under Reg CF rules. Under Reg CF, issuing firms have the ability to… Read More

Why Elio Motors Makes Me Sad

  I want to be clear: I am not an investor in Elio Motors (OTCQX: ELIO). I did not participate in any manner with their offering under the new and improved Regulation A (also called Reg A+), and I did not promote it. I will… Read More

Shut Down on Indiegogo, Pulled from StartEngine Only to Return. What Happened to the Aido Robot by InGen Dynamics?

  A couple of weeks back we received a tip from a CI reader informing us that the InGen Dynamics Aido Robot offer had been unceremoniously yanked from equity crowdfunding platform, StartEngine. Not a good sign. StartEngine is perhaps best known for crowdfunding Elio Motors… Read More

Renewable Hydrogen For Electric Vehicles Supplier HyGen Industries Seeks Funds Under Regulation A+ Rules on StartEngine

HyGen Industries, Inc. a California-based company that supplies clean renewable hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles, announced on Friday it launched a crowdfunding offering on StartEngine to raise funds under Regulation A+ Tier 2. The company reported that this offering news comes just after it… Read More

Crowdfunding Success Sondors Unveils New Sondors Fold & Fold “X” Bicycle Models

Just a little over a year after securing $1.2 million through its most recent Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, up and coming cycling company Sondors announced the launch of its new Sondors Fold and Fold “X” bike. According to the company, the new bike was pitched to… Read More

XTI Aircraft Receives TriFan 600 Patent From U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

XTI Aircraft Company announced on Monday it received a written Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, issuing a utility patent for the TriFan 600 vertical takeoff airplane. This news comes almost a month after XTI announced an agreement with Bye Aerospace, Inc. to… Read More

JetPack Aviation Completes First Commercial JetPack Sale As StartEngine Crowdfunding Campaign Nears Final Week

JetPack Aviation announced on Wednesday it has completed its first commercial jetpack sale. This news comes just one week before the company’s equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine comes to an end. According to the company, which designs and manufactures small, turbine powered VTOL jetpacks for… Read More

XY Findables Stumbles on StartEngine & Decides to Go it Alone with Reg A+ Offer

XY Findables initiated a Reg A+ offer on StartEngine last year. The company was seeking a raise of $10 million to finance their company in the highly competitive wearable findable device space. XY Findables struggled to raise money online and decided that, after 12 months,… Read More

XTI Aircraft Announces Agreement With Bye AeroSpace to Create Hybrid & Electric Vertical Takeoff Airplane

On Monday, XTI Aircraft Company and Bye Aerospace, Inc. announced they have entered into an agreement to develop a hybrid/electric prototype of XTI’s revolutionary TriFan vertical takeoff airplane. While sharing details about the partnership, Robert J. LaBelle, XTI’s CEO, stated: “We’re continuing with our plan, but we’ve… Read More

StartEngine Update: Three Companies Have Raised $1 Million in Past Three Months

Investment crowdfunding platform StartEngine has just closed its third $1 million funding round under Reg CF. ElliptiGO is the third company in the last three months to reach $1 million crowdfunding cap on StartEngine. Under Reg CF, companies may raise up to $1 million online… Read More

StartEngine Launches Series of Crowdfunding Workshops: 1 Day to $100,000

Investment crowdfunding platform StartEngine has organized a series of events across the country to boost awareness and platform utilization. Beginning this Monday (February 28), StartEngine will host a day long event entitled “1 Day to $100,000” to educate companies about their online funding options. StartEngine… Read More

Fight the Man. Own the Mountain. Purchase Equity in Red Mountain Ski Resort

Here is an interesting Reg A+ crowdfunding offer. Red Mountain Resort, a ski area in British Columbia, Canada, is in the midst of a “Testing the Waters” (TTW) campaign as a precursor to selling shares in the company.  As of earlier this month, Red Mountain… Read More

StartEngine-Funding Alkane Truck Company Announces Exclusive Agreement With Brazilian Truck Manufacturer Agrale

Following the launch of its StartEngine crowdfunding campaign, South Carolina’s Alkane Truck Company announced its exclusive agreement with Brazilian truck manufacturer, Agrale. The company stated the agreement names it the sole representative for Agrale’s sales and service in North America. As previously reported, Alkane assembles heavy-duty trucks that… Read More