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StartEngine Reports Biggest Week Ever for Money Raised

StartEngine, one of the largest investment crowdfunding platforms in the US, says it had its largest week ever for raising money on its platform. According to an email, StartEngine raised $10.6 million topping its previous high water mark by $600,000. The previous high took place… Read More

After Completing Reg A+, Boxabl Transitions to Reg CF Offering – Quickly Hits $3.6 Million Funding Cap

Boxabl, a pre-fab, modular housing concept that has generated some solid traction on the market, closed its Reg A+ securities offering on StartEngine last Friday. The offering was simultaneously listed on Republic. According to the Reg CF offering page, Boxabl closed at over $24 million… Read More

Boxabl Over $23.4 Million on StartEngine, Nears $1 Million on Republic as Securities Offering Nears End

Cross-listed securities offering for Boxabl is nearing its end with three days left in the equity sale (scheduled to close the Friday, August 26). As it stands today, Boxabl is just under $1 million on Republic and over $23.4 million on StartEngine. The company previously… Read More

StartEngine Touts July Performance for Reg A+, Rec CF Offerings

StartEngine, one of the larger investment crowdfunding platforms in the US, has posted that it raised more money under Reg A+ and Reg CF in July than other top platforms. StartEngine states: “… in July $27.0M was raised under Reg. CF campaigns and $10.3M was… Read More

StartEngine and Rewards Platform Indiegogo Announce Partnership

StartEngine, one of the largest investment crowdfunding platforms in the US, has announced a partnership with rewards platform Indiegogo. According to a release, the “exclusive” deal will facilitate the “full life cycle of capital from the crowd.” Becky Center, the CEO of Indiegogo, stated that… Read More

Boxabl Now Above $18 Million on StartEngine

Modular house creator Boxabl continues to push higher in its securities offering on StartEngine. According to an email from StartEngine, Boxabl raised over one million dollars last week and is currently over $18 million. As of this writing, Boxabl has raised $18.5 million from over… Read More

StartEngine Tops $5 Million in Most Recent Reg A+ Offering

StartEngine, one of the largest securities crowdfunding platforms in the US, has surpassed $5 million in funding for its newest self-crowdfunded offering, according to an email. StartEngine has pursued multiple Reg A+ offerings in recent years to raise growth capital. In total, StartEngine has raised… Read More

Dalmore Group, Broker of Record, Comments on Ongoing, Successful Boxabl Securities Crowdfunding Offer

Boxabl is currently raising capital on two different investment crowdfunding platforms: StartEngine and Republic. As was previously reported, Boxabl is aiming to raise up to $1.07 billion in a Reg D – Reg A+ funding round. The funding is divvied up with a $500 million Reg… Read More

Boxabl Cross Lists Offering on StartEngine and Republic at $3 Billion Valuation

Investment crowdfunding is not just for smaller funding rounds and Boxabl is an excellent example of that. Boxabl is aiming to raise a whopping $1.07 billion at a valuation of $3 billion and it is leveraging two securities crowdfunding platforms to help with part of… Read More

Secondary Trading in Crowdfunded Securities: Questions Asked & Answered

  Earlier this month, Crowdfund Insider held a webinar to discuss the trading of private securities. Crowdfunded securities fall in this category because any security issued online via a platform or directly must be an exempt offering. This means securities issued under Reg CF, Reg… Read More

Long Term Rental Platform Rentberry Tops $8 Million on StartEngine

RentBerry, a long-term rental platform, is raising money on StartEngine using Reg A+. According to the offering page, Rentberry has topped $8.5 million from more than 5000 investors. The security offered is common shares at a pre-money valuation of $25 million. The Proptech hopes to… Read More

Wefunder Hit by $1.4 Million Fine, StartEngine Assessed $350,000 Penalty as FINRA Claims Funding Portals Failed to Comply with Rules

Two of the most successful investment crowdfunding platforms, Wefunder and StartEngine, have been hit with penalties by FINRA. According to a statement by FINRA, Wefunder has been assessed with a $1.4 million fine and StartEngine must pay $350,000 in regards to failing to comply with… Read More

Pushing Picasso: StartEngine Lists Art by Famous European Painter

StartEngine has branched out from simply listing securities in early-stage ventures to things like collectibles such as wine or artwork. StartEngine has started to offer investments in non-traditional assets that may provide a hedge against heightened volatility in other sectors. Recently, StartEngine listed an investment… Read More

StartEngine Returns to Self-Crowdfund More Money, Aims to Raise $46 Million

This past week, StartEngine – one of the largest securities crowdfunding platforms in the US, returned to its own platform to raise more growth capital. According to the offering page, StartEngine is seeking up to $46 million at a valuation of $1.32 billion. The Reg… Read More

StartEngine Collectibles Now Includes Sports Cards Along with Other Alternatives

Are you interested in investing in wine? Art? Sports memorabilia? If you are, StartEngine is offering a wide range of alternative investments beyond debt and equity. If you are looking for some diversification into physical assets (unlike non-fungible tokens), StartEngine has been building out its… Read More

StartEngine Files for Reg A+ Offering Aiming to Raise Up To $46 Million

StartEngine, one of the largest securities crowdfunding platforms in the US, has filed a Form 1-A to pursue a Reg A+ offering aiming to raise up to $46 million.  StartEngine had indicated earlier this year its intent to pursue another funding round after completing a… Read More

After Raising Almost $30 Million, StartEngine Plans Another Self-Crowdfunding Round in 2022

StartEngine, one of the largest securities crowdfunding platforms in the US, is planning another self-crowdfunding round at some point in 2022. This will follow a successful offering that was completed at the end of 2021 where StartEngine raised $29.4 million leveraging the Reg A+ exemption…. Read More

Crowdfunded Company Knightscope Commences Trading on NASDAQ

Knightscope, a company that has raised growth capital via multiple crowdfunding rounds, commenced trading on the NASDAQ yesterday under the ticker symbol KSCP. The listing on NASDAQ was announced during its most recent crowdfunded securities offering listed on StartEngine. As of today, shares in Knightscope… Read More

Knightscope, Raising Capital on StartEngine, Scheduled to Close Crowdfunding Today, NASDAQ Listing Later this Month

Knightscope, the firm that has developed the security robots that is promoting the company everywhere, is raising capital on StartEngine and the funding round is scheduled to close tonight. While an offering can always be extended if the issuer believes there is more money to… Read More

Rentberry, a Global Home Rental Platform, Acquires $5.3M from 2,974 Investors via StartEngine

Rentberry, which claims to be the first international home rental platform with complete automation, has raised $5,378,564 from 2,974 investors via StartEngine. Rentberry is described as a fully operational “long-term” rental platform that leverages technology to “ensure a seamless rental experience – offering tenants the… Read More

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