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New Crowdfunding and Giving Days Model Finds Growing Success Among Orthodox Jewish Nonprofits

A new crowdfunding and giving days model from crowdfunding platform Charidy has developed an increasingly popular equation for success: heft of major donors + 24-hour-only campaign + all-or-nothing funding contingency = 100 percent campaign success rate (according to the crowdfunding platform), notes a recent story in the… Read More

The Temple Institute Reaches Nearly $105,000 From 30 Countries For Third Temple Crowdfunding Campaign; Deals with Criticism

During its international crowdfunding campaign, the Temple Institute surpassed its initial goal of $100,000 to help finance a modern third temple. The project finished its run on Indiegogo last week, raising $104,814 from nearly 900 backers. The Jerusalem Post reported that the right-wing organization, which… Read More

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