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Indiegogo’s John Trigonis Talks Crowdfunding Strategy in New TEDx Talks (Video)

Last month, Indiegogo’s Campaign Specialist and writer of Crowdfunding for Filmmakers: The Way to a Successful Film Campaign, John T. Trigonis, offered up his funding advice during a TEDx event in Jersey City. The discussion’s description reads: “Ever since the Statue of Liberty, crowdfunding has been bringing people together in… Read More

Indiegogo Hits Toronto for International Film Festival

Indiegogo is doing their annual pilgrimage up north to Canada hitting the streets of Canada’s largest city for the Toronto International Film Festival or TIFF. As the cottagers slip back into their Fall routines one thing they may look forward to are the cool films… Read More

Indiegogo Next Training Hangout: Campaign “Follow Up”

Indiegogo has been hosting a series of training sessions using Google Hangout.  These informative gatherings have been hosted by Indiegogo’s own John Trigonis who also is their film champion.  The next session scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday, January 22nd @ 12pm PST) is about campaign follow… Read More

Indiegogo Schedules Next Hangout in Series of “How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign”

Hosted by Indiegogo team member John Trigonis, Indiegogo has scheduled their second Google Hangout which is part of a series to sessions to answer questions and educate the curious about crowdfunding on their platform.  The virtual meeting is about the crowdfunding “Launch” and will take… Read More

Indiegogo Posts How to Run A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign (Video)

Indiegogo hosted a first of a series of training sessions today using Google Hangouts.  John Trigonis, Indiegogo’s film specialist, guided this Hangout which featured Adam Poswolsky who crowdfunded Featuring Adam Poswolsky, a crowdfunder who raised funds for Quarter Life Breakthrough a book for millennials about his quarter-life… Read More

Hangout with Indiegogo Today, Learn How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Indiegogo has scheduled a series of Google Hangouts focusing on crowdfunding campaign tips.  Today’s Hangout, which takes place at 11AM PST (2PM EST) will be hosted by John Trigonis the Indiegogo team Film expert.  Each 45 Minute session will be followed by Q&A so ask… Read More

John Trigonis Film Campaign Specialist Indiegogo (Video)

John Trigonis, Indiegogo’s Campaign Specialist for Film and Video, was caught on video giving a brief pitch for his book on “Crowdfunding for Filmmakers: The Way to a Successful Film Campaign”.  The publication shares his tactics for how to launch a successful film campaign which… Read More

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