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Goldmoney Adds Bitcoin & Ethereum to Holdings Platform

Canada fintech firm and direct online access to securely vaulted and insured precious metals, Goldmoney, Inc. (TSX: XAU), announced on Thursday the addition of vaulted Bitcoin and Ethereum as secure and fully-reserved offline investable assets within the Goldmoney Holding. This will allow qualified clients to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies… Read More

Goldmoney’s Network Accounts & Wealth Holdings Receive Compliant Endorsement By Shariah Supervisory Board of Amanie Advisors

Canada fintech firm Goldmoney Inc. (TSX: XAU) announced on Monday its Network accounts and Wealth Holdings have been endorsed as Shariah-compliant by the Shariah Supervisory Board of Amanie Advisors. The company stated that Islamic investors may now instantly purchase, save, and transact in gold globally… Read More

Goldmoney Announces Collaboration With Royal Canadian Mint

Fintech company Goldmoney Inc. (TSX: In additionXAU) announced this week it is collaborating with the Royal Canadian Mint. Users of Goldmoney’s platform may now add their Royal Canadian Mint balance to a Mastercard Prepaid card provided by Goldmoney or bank account in local currency. According to… Read More

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