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Jouko Ahvenainen Explains GrowVC Crowdfunding Approach (Video)

GrowVC is a crowdfunding company that has taken a portfolio approach.  Recognizing that most finance is quickly migrating online, GrowVC is targeting all aspects of internet finance from debt to equity and advisory services.  Today the company has 10 different subsidiaries providing services in alternative… Read More

Kapipal, Part of GrowVC, Announces Acquisition of Crowdfunding-Italia

After acquiring the popular website weloveyoursongs.com earlier this year, Kapipal continues its growth with the acquisition of Crowdfunding-Italia. As the country is one of Kapipal’s most successful regions, this constitutes a significant step in helping more people realize their dreams and offer local services in… Read More

‘Rich Man’s Crowd Funding’

Private Equity, funds, angel networks and broker dealers are embracing the technology underpinning crowdfunding with its standards of deal presentation and distribution channels to potential investors. According to Jouko Ahvenainen, Chairman and co-founder of Grow VC, “At Grow VC Group we work with many broker dealers to offer our platform… Read More

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