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2015 Crowdfunding Trends: Mergers, Acquisitions & Extensive Collaborations

The crowdfunding industry in 2014 has experienced immense growth. In the last three years crowdfunding has tripled according to Clearity, and according to NESTA the growth percentage even was an amazing 400%. The expectations of a $10 billion crowdfunding industry are hardly a month away… Read More

Kapipal, Part of GrowVC, Announces Acquisition of Crowdfunding-Italia

After acquiring the popular website weloveyoursongs.com earlier this year, Kapipal continues its growth with the acquisition of Crowdfunding-Italia. As the country is one of Kapipal’s most successful regions, this constitutes a significant step in helping more people realize their dreams and offer local services in… Read More

Kapipal, Part of GrowVC, Acquires WeLoveYourSongs

Kapipal, an international donation and rewards based crowdfunding platform, has announced its acquisition of WeLoveYourSongs, an online music community for unsigned musicians and their fans. Founded in 2010, WeLoveYourSongs has built an online community centered around unsigned musicians and fans of underground music. The site… Read More

Hong Kong Startups Seek To Tap Asian Crowdfunding Market

Crowdfunding has yet to take off in Asia like it has in the US, Europe and Australia. Having said that, two recent pieces of news involving Hong Kong-based crowdfunding platforms suggest that entrepreneurs are increasing their efforts at mobilizing capital in Asia via crowdfunding. These… Read More

GrowVC Group Acquires Kapipal

Kapipal is an international crowdfunding platform focused on personal causes and life-events. It was just acquired by GrowVC group as an addition to their increasingly impressive offerings in the crowdfunding space. Kapipal was founded by Alberto Falossi in 2009. The platform offers donation and reward… Read More

Viva Italia, Crowdfunding Leader Of The Pack

Crowdfunding has been changing the financial landscape of Italy since late March. That’s when the Italian Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB), the equivalent of the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US, submitted equity crowdfunding for public commenting in Italy. The… Read More

Italian crowdfunding platforms

Italy could become the first country in the world to pass a law on crowdfunding . give us to act even Forbes after the publication of the draft of the Consob Regulation . The document is open for comment until 30 April and will be used to operationalize the provisions of the decree Growth 2.0 . After work will be… Read More

Robert Jon & the Wreck get creative and crowdfund disc

  Local rock quintet Robert Jon & the Wreck, currently competing in the OC Music Awards Showcase Seriesfor the title of best live band, has started a crowdfunding campaign for its next album via Kapipal. Hundreds of thousands of artists lately have turned to crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter,… Read More

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