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Regulation Crowdfunding: What We See Day to Day

Regulation Crowdfunding is somewhere in the top half of the first inning of a nine-inning ballgame.  I’m not even sure the first batter has seen more than a pitch or two.  It will certainly be fascinating to see how the game develops.  I, for one,… Read More

GrowthFountain is Newest FINRA Approved Reg CF Crowdfunding Platform

  GrowthFountain is the newest entry into the Reg CF crowdfunding space. The platform received its regulatory approval in December and today has officially launched. As of today, 22 platforms have received regulatory approval with one, uFundingPortal, being pulled from the list for operational shortcomings… Read More

Callahan & Associates Announces Strategic Partnership with GrowthFountain Opening Crowdfunding Opportunities for Millions of Credit Union Members

Callahan & Associates, an innovative thought leader to credit union industry decision-makers, and GrowthFountain, a crowdfunding marketplace, have announced a strategic partnership to provide credit union members with both the ability to invest locally and raise capital as entrepreneurs. The JOBS Act, signed into law… Read More

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