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JOBS Act 4.0: Improving the Regulatory Environment for Entrepreneurial Capital Formation

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Passed with large bipartisan majorities and signed into law by President Obama, the 2012 JOBS Act was a bipartisan achievement of consequence. The JOBS Act substantially improved the laws governing entrepreneurial capital formation and has had a measurable positive impact on entrepreneurial capital formation. But… Read More

Want to Launch a Hedge Fund With Friends? Hedge Aims to Let You Create a Collaborative Fund and it is Raising Money on Republic

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This is an interesting securities offering. Hedge is a startup that wants to use tech to empower you to create your own hedge fund. Yes, you will be able to gather a group of friends or acquaintances to pursue collaborative investing in a structured portfolio…. Read More

Honeycomb Credit, Upstart Co-Lab to Allow Institutional Money to Participate in Crowd Loans

George Cook

Honeycomb Credit, a bank replacement regulated Funding Portal, has announced a partnership with Upstart Co-Lab, to offer a “first-of-its kind loan crowdfunding platform.” The new platform will enable institutional investors to participate in crowdfunded loan offerings for small businesses in creative industries across the US…. Read More

Reg CF: Crowdfunding Dips in Q1 2022

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Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) funding has dipped in Q1 2022 in comparison to Q1 2021, according to Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA). CCA states that US investment crowdfunding-backed companies raised $133 million in 1038 offerings during the quarter. Meanwhile, 226 issuers closed offering rounds a decline… Read More

Reg CF: The Number of Funding Portals Stabilizes as Industry Expects More Growth

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Crowdfund Insider last reported on the growth of FINRA-regulated Funding Portals at the beginning of 2022. A Funding Portal is a new entity created by the JOBS Act of 2021 designed to issue securities under the Reg CF (Regulation Crowdfunding) – a securities exemption created… Read More

Wefunder Claims Platform Record for Most Dollars Raised in One Week Under Reg CF

Reg CF Title III

Wefunder, a top FINRA regulated funding portal, says it had a banner week as it raised more funding under Reg CF than ever before. According to a tweet from Jonny Price, Wefunder Vice President of Fundraising, Wefunder raised just shy of $14 million in seven… Read More

Retail Money Supports Underserved Founders 10X More than VCs: Reg CF Report

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KingsCrowd, a Reg CF data platform, says retail investors support underserved segments – like women and minorities – around 10X more than venture capitialists. The information is part of the company’s 2021 Market Intelligence Report. KingsCrowd claims that startups with female founders received 19.3% of… Read More

Wefunder Rebrands Equity Crowdfunding to Community Round

Lane Change Ahead

This week Jonny Price, Vice President of Fundraising at Wefunder – a top Reg CF funding portal operating in the US (and soon in Europe), pitched a rebranding of “equity crowdfunding” to “community round.” Price directed his opinion at Republic.     Yo @joinrepublic what… Read More

Republican Staff Report Reviews Past Decade of JOBS Act Benefits: More Work Must Be Done

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The Republican Staff of the House Financial Services Committee has produced a report revisiting the JOBS Act of 2012 and the decade since the legislation became law.  Perhaps the best-known outcome of the legislation was to legalize online capital formation – or crowdfunding – but… Read More

JOBS Act of 2012: Ten Years of Legalized Investment Crowdfunding

Washington DC the Capital Reflection

  The JOBS Act of 2012 was signed into law by President Barack Obama ten years ago today, on April 5, 2012. In a rare moment of bipartisanship, Republicans and Democrats joined together to help private firms raise much-needed growth capital via online securities offerings…. Read More

New & Improved: Mortgage Application Firm Epoch Financial Group Aims to Raise up to $5 Million on Republic

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Anyone who has gone through the mortgage application process understands the system is pretty broken. Beyond proof of financial ability, banks and other mortgage originators require many different documents to be reviewed and approved. A mortgage can take weeks, or months, to close – delays… Read More

“Banking for a new Generation” – Envel Aims to Raise Up To $4.4 Million on Wefunder

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“We believe that the consumer banking system isn’t focused on improving its customers’ financial health. Traditional banks profit from getting you indebted and don’t offer you the freedom or advice to help organize and manage your money in a way that helps you.” Envel, an… Read More

Crowdfunding is Now a Serious Way for Privately Held Businesses to Raise Serious Capital

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One of the biggest challenges founders and CEOs of startups face is funding: courting angels and VCs, pitch decks, travel, and meetings, getting ghosted, negotiating and swallowing unreasonable terms, eroding control–all at the expense of actually running and growing the business. When you hear the… Read More

MindWise, a Fraud Prevention Engine, Aims to Raise Up to $450,000 on MicroVentures

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MindWise, a fraud prevention provider is raising capital on MicroVentures in a Reg CF offering available to all investors. As you know, fraud is everywhere these days. The digitization of just about all commerce and financial transactions has created a huge opportunity for crooks looking… Read More

Ukraine War Impacts Online Investing, Investment Crowdfunding Now Showing a Downward Trend

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The unprovoked invasion by Russia attacking Ukraine has impacted global markets driving risk higher and causing extreme volatility in all markets. The war has also impacted online investing – crowdfunding – according to Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA). CCA co-founder Sherwood “Woodie” Neiss tweeted today that… Read More

US Investment Crowdfunding Exemptions Explained

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In the United States, securities or investment crowdfunding was legalized under the JOBS Act of 2012. This bi-partisan legislation was in recognition of changes in technology as well as an understanding of the need to better facilitate capital formation for early-stage firms. Effectively, there are… Read More

Floating Lifestyle Club ArkHAUS Raises Money on Republic

Miami Beach City

Planning to launch first in Miami, and then other cities around the world, ArkHAUS – a floating lifestyle club – is raising money on Republic. According to the offering page, ArkHAUS is seeking up to $1.07 million in a CrowdSAFE offering. The SAFE is separated… Read More

Investment Crowdfunding: The Importance of Securities Compliance with Online Capital Formation

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The Importance of Compliance. Under the JOBS Act 0f 2012, online capital formation – or investment crowdfunding, became legal in the US. Three exemptions were created that enabled firms to raise money online to fund a company by selling securities. The legislation created Regulation Crowdfunding… Read More

NYCE Returns to Wefunder for 3rd Reg CF Offering for Real Estate Investment

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NYCE has returned to Wefunder for its 3rd Reg CF securities offering. As was previously reported, NYCE – a firm that wants to create a Robinhood for real estate, pursued two securities offerings on both Wefunder and Republic in late 2020. Once again, NYCE is… Read More

New FINRA Regulated Funding Portal Launched: Round Here

Reg CF Title III

Round Here is the newest, FINRA regulated funding portal to launch to offer securities crowdfunding. A funding portal is a new entity created by the JOBS Act of 2021 that lists regulated securities from firms in need of growth capital. Funding portals will mostly raise… Read More

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