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Update: Leather Backpack Brand Beara Beara Extends Latest Equity Crowdfunding Round on Crowdcube

London-based leather bag company, Beara Beara, announced over the weekend that it is extending its latest equity crowdfunding round on Crowdcube. The company launched the initiative less than three years after securing £203,000 through its first Crowdcube initiative. It is currently seeking £380,000 to open… Read More

Leather Bag Company Beara Beara Returns to Crowdcube to Raise £380,000 For New Factory & London Expansion

Less than three years after successfully securing £203,000 through Crowdcube, leather bag company, Beara Beara, has returned to the equity crowdfunding platform to raise £380,000 as it plans to establish a new factor and open a larger store in London. Beara Beara currently has shops… Read More

Founder of Beara Beara Discusses Growth & Expansion Following Crowdcube Success

Jake Bullough, founder of Crowdcube #FundedClub member, Beara Beara, recently discussed how his company has grown since its success on the equity crowdfunding platform. The company, which offers consumers leather bags, successfully secured £203,540 from 131 investors last year. While describing the company, Bullough stated: “Beara Beara is… Read More

New York City Footwear Company Nears $100,000 in Two Days on Kickstarter

On Thursday (October 2nd), New York City-based startup Thursday Boot Co. made its debut on Kickstarter to raise only $30,000 for its new shoeline. Within a couple of days, the project not only raised its initial goal, it is also nearing $100,000 thanks to over… Read More

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