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San Francisco Company Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Lucid Dream Control Device; Raises Over $18,000 First Day

On Monday (September 22nd), San Francisco-based Oneirics Electronics launched a $100,000 crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its dreaming device. Campaign creators claim their device helps the user live out their dreams with just one button. According to the campaign page, Oneirics gives the user all… Read More

iWinks Preps Crowdfunding for Aurora Dream Enhancing Headband

Just as the LUCI Advanced Dream Inducer crowdfunding campaign was cancelled on Kickstarter, a competitor is preparing to launch a similar product giving crowdfunders another opportunity to participate in a dream enhancing piece of technology. The Aurora headband by iWinks reportedly detects when you enter Rapid Eye Movement (REM)… Read More

LUCI Advanced Dream Inducer Cancelled on Kickstarter, Fraud Allegations Mentioned (Updated 2X)

With only a few days left to go in this crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, LUCI, Advanced Lucid Dream Inducer was cancelled after having raised $363,302 on a goal of just $40,000.  Funds raised had reportedly broken the $400,000 mark but as allegations of fraud started… Read More

Remee & The Lucid Dream Of Crowd Funding

It’s time to talk about the downside to these Kickstarter gizmos we keep buying. Do we have any bummed-out Pebble watch buyers in the house? Anybody buy an iPhone dock on Kickstarter only to have it obviated by the Lightning connector before you got it? I suspect there… Read More

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