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From Crowdfunding Success, To Project Demise, Lumawake Bids Farewell

Here Lies Lumawake RIP

Lumawake has a fascinating crowdfunding history.  We originally discovered this product in 2012. The concept was the brainchild of Greg Laugle who came up with the idea way back in 1997.  He was working through college and he barely got any sleep. He loathed the… Read More

Crowdfunded Project Lumawake in Dire Need of $250K


Lumawake, a widely covered crowdfunding project announced in a backers update that their project was in peril due to lack of funds.   The universal Apple iPhone dock was widely hailed as a unique product with revolutionary design and incredible features. Originally the Lumawake team… Read More

Selfstarter Crowdfunding Success Lumawake Hits Hurdle

Lumawake First Dock for All iPhones

Widely covered crowdfunding success Lumawake – dubbed the first docking station compatible with all iphones – recently indicated in their first backer update that they hit a hurdle. In contrast to the Kickstarter approach where funds committed are available for the project upon successfully attaining… Read More

Failed Kickstarter “Light” Attempts SelfStarter Crowdfunding

Light by Moores Cloud

Light by Moore’s Cloud launched a crowdfunding  Kickstarter campaign earlier this year but failed to reach it’s goal.  Attempting to raise $700,000 they only reached slightly over $275,000 funded by over 1900 backers. Light is described as; The Light that turns you on Fifty-two LEDs… Read More

Lumawake Nails Crowdfunding Goal

Lumawake iPhone Dock

Lumawake, an iPhone dock which was originally turned away by kickstarter, nailed there goal today.  Earlier in the day, with on a couple hours left according to their site, they will still a couple thousand dollars shy of their $150,000 funding goal.  But success waited… Read More

CYBER MONDAY: 10 Cool Products Being Crowdfunded Now

In the spirit of Cyber Monday, here are 10 crowdfunding campaigns that you can contribute to now to support innovative new products. Puzzlebox Orbit: Brain-Controlled Helicopter A toy helicopter you can control with your mind?  A toy helicopter you can control with your mind!  The Puzzlebox… Read More

Lumawake Launches Crowdfunding Campaign, Could Light the Way for Product Designers


Today Lumawake launched their crowdfunding campaign to allow customers to reserve their revolutionary iPhone dock. Their approach may provide insight to how future product designers should consider approaching crowdfunding. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zttraaZdG2E   Lumawake Features Lumawake is an iPhone dock that does much more than just charge… Read More

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