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Popcannibal’s “Make Sail” To Close Fig Campaign With Nearly $60,000

With less than 24 hours until its crowdfunding campaign on Fig is set to close, Popcannibal’s Make Sail is set to finish the funding round with nearly $60,000 from more than 875 backers. Make Sail is described as a physics construction adventure that challenges players to craft a… Read More

Overfunding: Popcannibal’s “Make Sail” Hits $50,000 Target Goal on Fig

This week, Popcannibal’s new video game Make Sail has successfully secured $50,000 funding target goal on crowdfunding platform Fig. The studio launched the initiative earlier this month. Make Sail, which is described as a physics construction adventure, challenges players to craft a ship and navigate it through a raging sea of… Read More

Video Game Developers Popcannibal & Aubrey Serr Turn to Crowdfunding Platform Fig For New Projects

On Wednesday, Fig announced Boston-based studio Popcannibal launched a campaign on its crowdfunding platform to raise $50,000 for the video game, Make Sail. The new game is the latest title from the studio’s founder Ziba Scott and is described as a physics construction adventure. Make Sail notably challenges players to… Read More

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