Overfunding: Popcannibal’s “Make Sail” Hits $50,000 Target Goal on Fig

This week, Popcannibal’s new video game Make Sail has successfully secured $50,000 funding target goal on crowdfunding platform Fig. The studio launched the initiative earlier this month.

make-sailsMake Sail, which is described as a physics construction adventure, challenges players to craft a ship and navigate it through a raging sea of advanced water and wind simulations. Each island lets players redesign and rebuild. Along the way, they’ll have to survive an ocean of storms and angry beasts on a quest for rare parts to build better boats. The Popcannibal team previously noted:

“The world is a procedural arrangement of crafted islands, pieces and creatures.  It’s being designed to give you reasons to build a wide variety of ships. Each replay will present different challenges and opportunities at different stages of gameplay. As you push the storm back, new islands and new waters become available to explore. Find new pieces for your creations, escape giant creatures, and push onwards to escape.”

Popcannibal’s founder,  Ziba Scott, recently revealed why the studio decided to use Fig for the campaign:

“Fig’s crowdfunding will allow us to develop Make Sail on our own terms, without compromising design or rushing production. Just as important, Fig is using their resources to shine a spotlight on us so audiences can find Make Sail and be part of the process of creating something wonderful.”

Digital copies of Make Sail is currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linxus starting at $20. Other campaign rewards include name in credits, digital wallpapers, ships named after backers, physical and digital art books, soundtrack, and posters. All rewards will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2017 and the campaign is set to close at the end of October.

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