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Fintech Wealthforge Reports Topping $500 Million in Transactions in 2018

WealthForge has issued a statement saying they have topped $500 million in capital investment transactions during 2018. Overall, Wealthforge reports that since inception their service has surpassed $1 billion in transactions as of the end of December. WealthForge is a broker-dealer that uses technology solutions to streamline investment in alternative securities… Read More

WealthForge Gets $100,000 Backing from Steve Case

AOL co-founder, and entrepreneur advocate, Steve Case created Rise with the Rest in 2014.  Since that time he has been traveling across the country to identify promising young companies to back with his money and seal of approval. Rise with the Rest seeks startups in… Read More

Wealthforge Powers New Niche Crowdfunding for Broadway on Maxolev

Wealthforge, a company that started life in part as a crowdfunding platform and then successfully morphed into a crowdfunding service provider – is powering a new investment crowdfunding niche: Broadway. Earlier this month, Howard and Janet Kagan announced a new investment crowdfunding platform that is… Read More

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