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Identity Theft Plaguing Business – Trulioo Report

This week, Trulioo, a global identity verification platform, announced new research revealing that 79% of responding organizations have experienced business identity theft, which involves defrauding, extorting or stealing money from a company. The findings stem from the Trulioo September 2023 Global Know Your Business (KYB)… Read More

Regtech Trulioo Introduces Global Person Match Services to Enhance Identity Verification Platform

Trulioo, a global identity verification platform, announced new Workflow Studio capabilities to accelerate person matching worldwide. Trulioo provides an alternative “to the complex array of vendors that companies often depend on to ensure reliable person matching through personally identifiable information (PII) and identity documents.” The… Read More

Regtech Trulioo Reports Significant Increase in KYB Adoption As Financial Services Accelerate Growth

Trulioo, a global identity verification platform, announced it has experienced 586% growth adoption of its Know Your Business (KYB) verification services since 2020 in the United States. Financial services companies and ecommerce marketplaces “have driven the adoption increase as they adjust to new and evolving… Read More

Regtech Trulioo Announces Capabilities for Expanding, Automating KYB, KYC Verification

Trulioo, a global identity verification platform, today released new capabilities that cement its position as the premier source for automated business and person verification workflows. The latest update bolsters Trulioo global leadership by “expanding geographic coverage and localization for person verification and further automating business… Read More

Trulioo Announces New Version of Global Identity Platform

Trulioo has announced a new version of its global identity platform that is being described as “industry-defining.” Trulio provides a service for both business and individual verification. Based in Vancouver, the firm has grown rapidly, adding big-name investors like Goldman Sachs and Amex. The company… Read More

Regtech Trulioo Expands Digital Identity Verification Across LatAm Region

Trulioo, a global identity verification company, has updated its coverage across Latin America, “expanding access to the Dominican Republic and Uruguay and significantly strengthening data sources in Colombia and Mexico.” Those additions “bolster the company’s ability to serve customers streamlining operations in Latin America or… Read More

Regtech Trulioo Expands Digital Identity Verification Services in EMEA Region

Trulioo announced that it now provides coverage in Greece and Israel via Trulioo GlobalGateway, the global identity verification platform. With GlobalGateway, organizations operating in these two nations may now “perform identity checks on consumers that support regional Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML)… Read More

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