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Fintech Stripe, Microsoft Launch Teams Payments

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Stripe are launching a new feature on Microsoft Teams that will empower companies “to unlock new revenue streams and grow their business – all with the simple touch of a button.” Introducing Teams Payments, a solution that “enables meeting hosts to… Read More

Barclays Deploys Microsoft Teams Globally as Preferred Collaboration Platform

Barclays Bank PLC and Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) announced Barclays has “deployed Microsoft Teams as its preferred collaboration platform, powering collaboration for more than 120,000 colleagues and service partners in key locations around the globe.” Under the agreement, Barclays is “streamlining its existing communications and… Read More

Symphony Introduces Embedded Collaboration Platform, and Microsoft Teams Integration

Symphony – which claims to be the “leading” markets’ infrastructure and technology platform – revealed financial firms will now be able “to embed its technology in other platforms in order to successfully complete their workflows without context switching or adding friction.” The firm introduced its… Read More

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