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Brief: Versara Lending Acquires P2P Marketplace Lender Peerform

NYC-based Consumer lender Versara Lending has acquired the personal loan marketplace lender Peerform aiming to grow its prominence in the consumer lending space. Peerform will now operate out of the Versara Lending offices.  At this writing, specific details of the deal are unavailable. “This acquisition allows Versara… Read More

P2P Lending Platform Peerform’s Gregg Schoenberg: “You Are Creditworthy”

Peerform, a P2P lending platform,  targets those “who really need a loan, the best chance to get the money they need to help improve their lives.” By utilizing a variety of technologies, such as Peerform’s unique algorithm, Peerform is able to ascertain “creditworthiness” and lend to… Read More

Peerform Loan Analyzer Signs Agreement with Looking Glass Investments

Peerform, a peer to peer lending company, has shared they have signed an agreement with Looking Glass Investments (LGI) to utilize their loan analyzer .  Launched earlier this month, the Peerform Loan Analyzer is an alternative methodology for assessing the creditworthiness of a borrower.   Under… Read More

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