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MobCraft Beer Pitches to SharkTank

Three-year-old MobCraft Beer, world’s first completely “crowd-sourced” brewery will dive into the Shark Tank tonight (March 11th) to pitch their business to the well-known investors. MobCraft Beer was founded three years ago in Madison, Wisconsin – a city recognized for its love of beer. The… Read More

Wisconsin Crowdfunding Law Hits Hurdle as Bank Provision Adds Challenge

Winsconin’s crowdfunding law went into effect this past June, signed into law by Governor Scott Walker. The state crowdfunding exemption allows entrepreneurs to raise up to $2 million via an online investment platform ($1 million without an audit).  The law was unique in their approach… Read More

Brewery Becomes First Wisconsin Company to Use Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Madison-based brewer is ready to make history! MobCraft Inc, known for polling and producing popular beer recipes, is now working through CraftFund for an equity crowdfunding campaign. CraftFund LLC was certified as Wisconsin’s very first equity crowdfunding platform under the new exemption that allows businesses… Read More

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