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Smartwatch Crowdfunding Campaigns: The Top Six

For many reasons crowdfunding smartwatches has been a hot crowdfunding category for 2012 – 2013.  Wearable technology is going to be huge and everyone knows it.  While Samsung has released their Galaxy Watch to much fanfare, the Samsung smartwatch was widely panned by the technorati…. Read More

Neptune Pine SmartWatch Crowdfunds Over $800,000 on Kickstarter

The Neptune Pine “all in one smart watch” closed on Kickstarter yesterday having raised an astounding $801,224 from 2839 backers.  In the halls of crowdfunding fame this places Neptune Pine in the top 100 but no where close to the poster child of crowdfunding, another… Read More

5 Hot Technology Crowdfunding Campaigns on Kickstarter Now

I love technology and crowdfunding is a great way to discover new technology and what will be hot in the months to come.   Today we are featuring 5 different crowdfunding campaigns in the Technology category which are crowdfunding on Kickstarter now. Kickstarter has launched… Read More

Four Fully-Funded, Pretail-Powered Kickstarter Campaigns Raising Big Money Now

Kickstarter and similar crowdfunding platforms are becoming the go-to way for proving a market for a hardware product. Today, we want to share four campaigns that are raising huge sums of money on Kickstarter. Some are in familiar verticals, like 3D printing and smartwatches, while… Read More

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