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Glowforge Announcement: Begins Shipping Pre-Release 3D Laser Printers

Following a number of delays for its anticipated 3D Laser Printer, Glowforge announced it is beginning to ship pre-release units. The company revealed California manufacturer Flex is also working on the project. The news of Glowforge’s 3D Lazer Printer shipment comes just a few months… Read More

Glowforge Delays 3D Laser Printer Shipment Once Again

And the wait continues… at least for Glowforge 3D Laser Printer backers. Just a couple months after announcing the first delay, the company has once again revealed to supporters that it will not be delivering the product a few more months. CEO of Glowforge, Dan… Read More

Glowforge 3D Laser Printer Successfully Secures Nearly $28M During Self-Running Crowdfunding Initiative

Glowforge, a 3D laser printer, has reportedly raised nearly $28 million during its self-running crowdfunding campaign. Glowforge debuted to the public for the first time at September 24th at World Maker Faire New York. At the event, Glowforge was awarded three Make Editor’s Choice Awards… Read More

Chinese 3D Printer Maker Zhuhai CTC Electronic Pulls the Plug on Kickstarter Initiative

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer, Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd. (CTC), has announced the cancelation of its Formaker all-in-one project on reward-based crowdfunding platform Kickstarter despite the initial success of the project, creating a big buzz across the industry. The Formaker, which debuted on Kickstarter at a… Read More

Unibody 3D Printer Tiko Secures $2.8M During the Final Days on Kickstarter

With less than 24 hours until its Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, New York-based startup Tiko has captured over $2.8 million for its unibody 3D printer. The unibody 3D printer was designed to be high in quality and easy to use. Unlike other 3D… Read More

Montreal Startup Mosaic Manufacturing Hits Kickstarter With New 3D Printer Technology The Palette

This morning, Montreal-based Mosaic Manufacturing launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $75,000  for its new product,The Palette. The Palette is a technology that transforms virtually every 3D printer on the market into a multi-color printer, and allows existing machines to create functional electronic parts. Mosaic designed the device… Read More

Unibody 3D Printer Tiko Scores Over $2M on Kickstarter; Creators Share Details About G-Codes & Manufacturing

With less than two weeks until its Kickstarter campaign comes to end, Tiko3D’s self-titled 3D printer has successfully raised more than $2 million thanks to nearly 11,600 backers. The creators of the Tiko Unibody 3D Printer designed the device to make it high quality and easy… Read More

Kickstarter-Success Fuel3D Announces Scanner SCANIFY Retail Availability

Fuel3D, a developer of 3D scanning solutions, today announced the full retail availability of SCANIFY, a handheld, point-and-shoot 3D scanner built to enable consumers to 3D scan objects in high-resolution shape and color in under one second. North American consumers can purchase SCANIFY through WYNIT distribution… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: HISmart Smart-Bag, BoXZY Personal 3D Printer/Laser Engraver/ Mill & Thermo Tent

I have been considering purchasing a 3D printer for quite some time now. Crowdfunding has been an important catalyst in raising consumer awareness for this new type of hardware as there have been more than a few highly successful crowdfunding campaigns for personal 3D printers…. Read More

Update: Tiko’s Unibody 3D Printer Nears $750,000 in Four Days on Kickstarter

Earlier this week, Buffalo, New York startup, Tiko, took to Kickstarter with a mission to raise only $100,000 for its innovative “unlike-the-rest” unibody 3D printer. Within the first two days, the project captured its initial goal, and now, just four days into the campaigning, the printer… Read More

Tiko Unibody 3D Printer Captures Over $80,000 First Hours on Kickstarter

On Monday, New York based startup, Tiko, took to global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with a mission to raise $100,000 for its brand new 3D printer. Within only an hour or so, the project captured over 80% of its initial goal from 600 backers. The creators… Read More

Kickstarter Relents. Allows Root 3D Printer to Relist on Crowdfunding Platform

GP3D’s “Root” 3D printer launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter only to find the project suspended by Kickstarter as questions arose to the progeny of the product.  The suspension took place on January 27th having raised over $19,000 on a $50,001 goal.  As of last… Read More

Creators of Kickstarter’s 3D Printer Flux Share Details About the Project & Future Plans

Fresh off the closing of their hit Kickstarter campaign for the all-in-one 3D printer, Flux, creators and Taiwan college students Simon Ko and Jim Yu discussed the project and its future with Tech in Asia this week. Flux is described as an easy-to-use print that… Read More

FLUX 3D Printer is Next Crowdfunding Project to Top $1 Million

3D Printer Includes Scanner & Laser Engraver. Just when you thought the 3D printing craze had moved beyond crowdfunding and straight to retail, another really cool project comes along.  FLUX 3D printer is an “all in one” device that is crowdfunding on Kickstarter now and… Read More

Creators of Kickstarter-Success The Micro Announce Its Almost Ready For Shipment

Earlier this year, Maryland-based M3D launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $50,000 for its new and considered “the first truly consumer 3D printer, the Micro. The project immediately became a huge hit and at the end of its run raised well over $3.4… Read More

The iBox Nano 3D Printer Scores $330,000 in 19 days on Kickstarter; Becomes 5th highest Crowdfunded 3D Printer

Florida-based iBox Printers announced on Thursday (November 6th) that it has raised $325k during the first 19 days of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Not only has the printer surpassed its $300,000 goal, it has been dubbed the 5th highest funded 3D printer on platform… Read More

CreoPop 3D Pen Launches Campaign And Raises Over Half Its Goal in Less Than 24 Hours

CreoPop announced on Tuesday the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on Tuesday for its 3D pen. Unlike typical 3D Printers that use hot parts or melting plastic, the CreoPop pen uses a cool ink, making it extremely unique. Setting out to raise only $40,000, CreoPop  received… Read More

MOD-t 3D Printer Raises Over $180K on Day One of Crowdfunding

Comparison Chart of Competition Promotes MOD-t Advantage. New Matter, Inc. is breaking down barriers to widespread adoption of 3D printers for home use. On Wednesday (May 28), the company launched a 35-day crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to accept pre-orders for its new 3D printer, the… Read More

The Micro 3D Printer Easily Cruises Past $2 Million Crowdfunding

The Micro 3D printer rocketed past $1 million in the first hours of their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and now only 4 days into their funding project stand at over $2.2 million.  Approximately 8000 backers have contributed to the rewards based campaign indicating a growing… Read More

The Micro 3D Printer Hurdles $1 Million in Crowdfunding on Day One

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter the Micro “First Truly Consumer 3D Printer” blasted their $50,000 goal in minutes and at last count was cruising over $1 million during their first day of funding.  The Bethesda, Maryland company M3D has created the first 3D printer that comes in… Read More

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