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National Crowdfunding Association Comments on SEC Proposal

The National Crowdfunding Association (NLCFA), welcomed the unanimous vote by The Securities and Exchange Commission to issue proposed rules for Investment Crowdfunding under Title III of the JOBS Act. As Commissioner Daniel M. Gallagher stated at the meeting today, “In Title III of the JOBS Act, Congress… Read More

Crowdfunding hopefuls still waiting for rules

The implementation of equity crowdfunding, a way for small businesses to raise capital, has been delayed again. In my column last week, I said that the rules for launching the JOBS Act, which legalizes equity crowdfunding, would probably be finalized by this spring. That is… Read More

Why Crowdfunding Is a Game-Change for Women Entrepreneurs

Women-owned firms start and grow businesses with substantially less outside financing, according to a Department of Commerce survey of women-owned companies (PDF) across the U.S. That helps to explain why the average women-owned business has 25% lower revenue than the typical male-owned firm in the same… Read More

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