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Crowdcube Now Provides Investors with Access to Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) in Partnership with Octopus

Crowdcube, a top UK and European securities crowdfunding platform, has announced a partnership with Octopus to provide access for investors to Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs). In a company statement, Crowdcube said that the collaboration with Octopus will allow for lower minimum hurdles to invest in… Read More

Crowdcube Partners with Seccl, the Octopus-owned Custodian and Investment Tech Firm, to Offer Improved Capital Markets Access

Crowdcube has partnered with Seccl, the Octopus-owned custodian and investment tech firm, to offer clients seamless, API-enabled access to public markets as it introduces its Community IPO product later in 2021. As noted in a release shared with Crowdfund Insider, the integration with Seccl’s suite… Read More

Octopus Creates Octopus Cash to Find You a Higher Savings Rate

Octopus Labs has launched Octopus Cash, a one-year savings account that claims to uncover interest rates that are “nearly twice the ‘high street’ average.” A quick trip to their website shows a description: “Octopus Cash helps you find savings rates that beat the high street… Read More

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