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EuroCrowd Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Service

EuroCrowd is ten years old. Originally called the European Crowdfunding Network, the association has long been an important voice advocating on behalf of online capital formation and a key proponent in the fight to enact pan-European crowdfunding rules. A recent email distributed by EuroCrowd noted… Read More

European Crowdfunding Network Forms Partnership with European Association for Local Democracy

Leading European association that advocates on behalf of securities crowdfunding, the European Crowdfunding Network (EUROCROWD), has announced a new partnership with the European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA) creating a “cross-membership agreement” to develop activities of common interest, according to a statement by EUROCROWD. ALDA… Read More

European Securities and Markets Authority Drafts Standards for Pan European Crowdfunding Rules: Industry Prepares to Provide Feedback

This past week the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) issued a consultation paper addressing standards for the previously approved pan-European crowdfunding regulation. As covered in the past, the European Union has passed legislation to enable online securities offerings across its member nations. After many… Read More

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